Gareth - PARTNER

Born in Cardiff, Wales

Gareth has called Fort McMurray home since his family moved to Canada in 1982.  He graduated from Composite High School and attended post secondary at Keyano College and the U of A.  Gareth joined the Fort McMurray FD in 1993 and embarked on a 17-year career. While with the FD the dream of opening a pub began to take seed with it becoming a reality on October 28, 1998 when Paddy McSwiggins first opened its doors.  “I grew up in pubs in the UK, my parents ran a number of them when I was a kid, so I grew up in the industry.  I wanted to share my experience of pubs as I knew them, somewhere everyone is welcome, where memories and friendships are made.  Fort McMurray was the perfect place to do this.  This town is unlike any you will ever experience, everyone is from somewhere else, so the friendships form fast and last forever. We look out for one another here. I am fiercely proud to call McMurray home. After 22 years Paddy’s is not just a part of my life, it is my life, and the people I have met through or because of it are part of my family.  I’ve raised my family here and been lucky enough to find a partner that’s been more than that word could ever do credit to, in business and life”.



Trish’s desire to succeed has been a driving force her whole life.  From competitive Figure Skating in her early years to becoming a nurse after graduating high school.  A serious car accident ended her nursing career but her drive to succeed sent her back to school for training in Administration and IT.  Trish and her family moved to Fort McMurray in 2000 where she found employment with the City eventually ending up at the FD which is where she first met Gareth.  Her work ethic led to her managing Boston Pizzas downtown location while also working full time at the City.  “As exhausting as it was, I loved my job at BP.  The service industry is unlike any other.  The work is hard, and the hours are long, but the rewards are worth it.  It’s full of amazing people and teaches you skills you will never learn in a classroom.”  Trish joined Paddy’s in 2014 after opening several successful businesses with now business partner Gareth. “Gareth had been seriously ill, to the point that it was touch and go for him. Thankfully, he pulled through but was in no condition to return to work, so he asked me to step in and help.  The rest is history.  I love what I do, I love the people I get to do it with, I can’t imagine a better place to do it than Paddy’s here in Fort McMurray.”

Chad - 



Born and raised in Mactaquac NB

Chad grew up on his family farm where his passion for fresh ingredients and farm-to-table took hold.  He graduated from the Culinary Institute of Canada in 2001 and found himself in Fort McMurray in 2006 after deciding to drive across the country with his brother.  Chad has been involved in the launch of 3 local restaurants where his knowledge and passion for food have been instrumental in their successes.  “I believe in building the right team, its not always about their training, it's as much about their personalities. The right team allows me diversity in food style and encourages thinking outside the box. I’m excited to join the team at Paddy’s. They are committed to the community and to the people in their lives which fits my philosophies.  The freedom they have given me to make changes while respecting the history of Paddy’s is exciting.  Paddy’s will become a gastropub, unlike anything Fort McMurray has seen.” 



From Fredericton, NB

Angie’s passion for people and customer service have kept her in the industry for 17 years, 13 of those in Fort McMurray.  Having an impressive management resume, her commitment to the role is unparalleled and infectious.  She joined the team upon reopen from the 2016 wildfire that ravaged the community.  “I love Fort McMurray, it is home for both my families, the ones I go home to and the ones I come to Paddy’s to work with.  I love the energy of Paddy’s and the focus they have on family.  Everyone looks out for each other.”


Carrie moved to Fort McMurray in 2012 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from several roles including managerial. Carrie joined the Paddy’s team in 2019 and quickly established herself as an integral part of the team. “I call Fort McMurray my home when asked because of the compassion, empathy and warmth I’ve experienced both firsthand and otherwise from this community.  I’ve worked in some great establishments and made a lot of wonderful friends along the way, but Paddy’s takes the cake!  I genuinely enjoy every shift; I look forward to going to work because of the amazing team and fantastic patrons.”



Born in Stephenville, NFLD

Janine has been involved in the service industry since 2007 and a part of the Paddy’s family since 2013.  Her extensive knowledge, supervisory experience and personality make her a natural fit.  Family is everything to her and that devotion flows into her role at Paddy’s.  “I love meeting new people, forming relationships, and making new memories.  Paddy’s is more than a job, just going to work, it is truly like being with family.  I love the atmosphere, it’s friendly and inviting, because of that customers quickly become friends and co-workers really do become family”.


From Sydney, NS

Courtney began working in the restaurant industry at the young age of 13, bussing tables, washing dishes, and eventually serving.  This led to Culinary School and a move to Fort McMurray to pursue opportunities in 2011. Courtney continued to serve while finishing her apprenticeship in Fort McMurray, enjoying it so much that she chose to continue serving part time while working full time in the kitchen.  “I loved working in pubs, especially in Fort McMurray.  It’s such an amazing community surrounded by natures beauty.  I recently decided to take a break from cooking and go full time in the front of house.  I joined the team at Paddy’s and couldn’t be happier because of the people, the best work family you could ask for, it’s not like work at all.”