Throughout history there have been some men who went that extra mile, performed that extra deed, or put their lives on the line for something they believed in – something, which, through generations of storytelling, makes them immortal. This is the story of one such man – Paddy McSwiggins.


Before the era of skyscrapers, automobiles and electricity, the lands and people of Ireland were in turmoil, clans constantly fought against one another. When they weren’t fighting each other they were driving away European invaders.


A warrior revered for his courage and skill with weapons, Paddy knew the only way to defend his homeland from invaders was to unite the clans in battle.


Determination, quick wit, and leadership gave Paddy the ability to do what no other man had ever accomplished; he brought many of the clan leaders together to talk. Years of warring had become a way of life for these people and initial meetings broke out into battle.


Frustrated, Paddy issued a challenge to all leaders that if any of them could defeat him, he would leave them be and let them resume their fighting, if he should defeat each of them, they would end their in-fighting, continue meeting, and unite in battle under his leadership.


Paddy defeated all challengers using only his shillelagh as a weapon. From then on only the person holding the shillelagh or “talking stick” could address the gathered warriors.


As time passed word of Paddy’s meetings spread across the land and more and more people attended. Meetings soon turned into social events; warring clans left their weapons behind and toasted one another over pints of ale and hearty servings of the finest food available. Paddy’s meetings became a legendary place of good times and good friendships.


The spirit in the Irish pubs is the Spirit of Paddy. Wherever you see people having a good time, you’re seeing the spirit of Paddy at work. Take a good look around this pub and you’ll definitely see Paddy McSwiggins.


Sit back, forget your troubles, sample the fine ales and food, meet some new friends, and let Paddy’s spirit envelop you.